Drawbacks of the New Job Search

I want to continue with the discussion we had last time. I ended on the drawbacks of our job search process today. Like I said, our job search has been simplified and I couldn’t be more grateful seeing as I’m currently on the job hunt. However, transferring a lot of the job search process to online opens us prospective hires to a lot of risk. “According to a new study from market analyst firm On Device Research, 1 in 10 young job seekers have lost a job opportunity because of their social media profiles. In the U.S. alone, the total was 8 percent among those 16 to 24 years old and 5 percent for those 25 to 34 years old” (Sherman).  See, it’s not all that easy when employers start using these networks too.  “There is a power and danger to online crowds” (Surowiecki). It’s true! Social media can be a powerful tool to help create a personal brand for you. Personal branding is a huge asset during the job hunt when you’re trying to differentiate yourself from hundreds of other applicants.  What social media offers is an easy way to display yourself as a knowledgeable, professional, and qualified applicant. How, you might ask? Well its simple. By posting content related to your job field, following professional accounts in your field, and also monitoring your personal comments, you can gain an edge up on another qualified applicant (Nassar 95-103). However, the dangers mentioned earlier are real. You really have to be careful about the content that you’re posting. Are you displaying yourself online in the same way you would want to be viewed at work? If your answer is no, then employers may get the wrong impression of you and brush your resume aside. My advice for everyone: be aware of the positive and negative ways to use social media.


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