Getting Jobs in the 21st Century

phoneToday, I constantly find myself thinking of all of the times my parents said, “We didn’t have ‘fill in the blank electronic gismo’ when we were growing up.  I had a habit of brushing these comments off as a small jibe at me for being spoiled and not really needing and iPhone of laptop computer. But now that I mull it over in my mind I’ve realized that they were just speaking the truth, they never needed those items growing up and probably can’t see why I would either. But in today’s age, technology really has altered our way of doing things, especially the job search. For instance, instead of physically attending a career fair or networking event, we can simply sit on our laptops and apply for jobs. As a Badger, we have this handy dandy network called BuckyNet that posts every job being offered to graduates in a specific major. Now that’s crazy! You know what else we’ve got? LinkedIn. It’s basically an online resume, which allows you to “connect, share, and discover opportunities” (LinkedIn). The sites login page presents quotes from successful professionals saying, “I haven’t made a cold call since 2005 thanks to LinkedIn” (Ramirez). Another testified that, “I make my living on the relationships garnered on LinkedIn” (Nicholas). All I’m trying to say here is that the job search has been made simpler for our generation, but that doesn’t mean it comes without some drawbacks.

With all of this technology at our fingertips, we sometimes get carried away with what we’re posting because it’s been made so easy. “Over 75% of men and women in the U.S., ages 18-22 own a smartphone or laptop” (Grant 15). We have access to social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and more both in home and on mobile devices. But here’s where the drawbacks come in. “Users ages 18-22 typically apply minimal privacy settings, but deliver the highest amount of personal content online” (MARKET INDICATORS 26). Us 18-22 year old millennial need to seriously consider on how we manage our content so that it’s professional and appropriate and also tailor our own personal brand to help us shine in employer’s eyes.


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