Pending Friend Request

Pending-friend-requests-in-your-Facebook-profileWhat’s more important? Another friend request on Facebook or a job offer from your dream company? The answer seems blatantly clear, job offers from your dream company. Even though we all think this way, we really don’t act like it. If we really thought a job was more important, we would scour our Facebook profiles and scrub them clean of any incriminating, reckless, racy, or unprofessional content. Do we? Not often enough. The problem with poor Facebook upkeep during the job search is that employers are constantly using these sites to gauge the kind of person you are. Your photos, posts, and profile design can tell an employer a lot about you, and I guarantee it’s not at all how you want to be perceived in a professional setting. Just by scanning over some of my friend’s posts I’ve already seen potentially harmful content. For example, “Let’s think about how many men we encountered that were perplexed by facial piercings” (Facebook). This may not seem all that harmful to you, but in the eyes of an employer it definitely can be. Generally, companies have a dress code so that its employees project a professional look for its clients. In most professional settings, facial piercings stray form the accepted dress code mostly because they don’t conform to social norms. So we, see that the problem with posts and pictures on social networks is that they can be taken out of context by whoever the viewer is. After reading that post, most people would gather that the person posting it has a facial piercing. However, from personal knowledge, I can say that the person in question does not. But alas, an employer could easily take that out of context and in turn end your chance at landing the position.  Think of posts and pictures as your first impression with an employer, except you’re not there to defend yourself. By posting photos and comments on social networks, you leave your words and images to the critique of another. When an employer critiques your content in a negative manner, you have just become less professional and a higher risk employee than another candidate. BAM! You’ve lost your dream job. Now that I’ve got you all worried about your social media content, I’ll find some great privacy tips and share them with you soon. So next time you’re thinking of posting something on Facebook, just ask yourself…would I want my grandma to read this?


Body Piercing Facebook Post, Madison, WI. Personal Friend

Post by author. 2013.

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