Keys to Success

I want to leave you all with my final words of advice. Though I have harped on social media as a dangerous tool to beware of in the job search, I strongly urge you all to utilize it in a positive manner. Navigating social media during your job hunt is all about making smart decisions. Don’t post inappropriate pictures and messages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use these networks as powerful assets! The Journal of Marketing Studies provides fantastic tips to help you make a brand for yourself using social media. First, “Be Professional.” This tip is in respect to your physical appearance and the language you use in posts. Second, “Find and market your difference to the right people.” This advice is pretty self-explanatory. Once you have found your differentiating factor, make sure employers, recruiters, and influencers in the professional field know what it is.

Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 9.13.36 PMIf you can get them to remember you positively, your shot at success will increase.  Finally, “Leverage yourself as an expert on social media.” Make sure you are up to date on current events in your field. Feel free to post relevant articles and encourage discussion. Always double-check your factual information. There’s nothing worse than posting false information and losing your credibility among your online community. Just remember, being an expert in your field isn’t just about being knowledgeable on relevant topics, but enabling your passion for the subject to shine through (Nassar 104-113).


Nassar, Mohamed A. “An Investigation of Hoteliers’ Attitudes Toward

the use of Social Media as a Branding Tool.” International

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Web. 3 Dec. 2013: 95-103. Print.

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