Professional vs. Fun

thingI was scanning through my tweets this past week and I found that I have a very mixed personality on Twitter. Sometimes I make silly comments that only a few friends and myself will understand, but other times I tweet about sports or current events in the marketing world. There is this neat article on that discusses the importance of having a “seamless brand image” on social networks. This got me thinking, why don’t I have two different Twitter accounts? Having two twitter accounts allows me to post those silly everyday occurrences that only a few people understand. It allows me to use profanities without worrying whose reading. It alleviates the stress of having a company breathe down my neck every time I post. “A professional Twitter could be passed along to employers or listed on my resume” (Smith 4). This is the one I want companies to see. In here, I would make a brand for myself. Since I am a sports marketing major, I could utilize this account for current events in the sports world, posting about marketing tips, and displaying my knowledge and interest for the field. Creating a seamless brand image here is what is important. I recommend that all of you fire up your professional account today and start making a brand for yourself, because there’s nothing worse than losing a job opportunity over 140 characters.


Smith, Jaquelyn. “How Social Media can Help (or Hurt) You in Your Job Search.”

                  Forbes Marketing 30 Oct. 2013: Web.

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