Social Prowess

If you’ve got a passion for social and a vision for branding, you’ve come to the right place. There are countless opportunities to differentiate yourself as a job applicant by combining a dedicated passion for smart social use and visionary branding.

I’ll give you a quick look at 5 clever ways to get a job using social media that will blow an employer away…and not in a bad way. Dan Schwabel, author of Me 2.0 and founder of Millenial Branding, takes job hunters through a crash course in the benefits of social media in respects to applicant differentiation. Let’s begin.

1. Leverage Your Social Graph

“People get jobs through other people, not computers. By having a personal connection to the company you’re applying for, your chances of getting a job multiply” (Schwabel). There are various sites that offer exceptional professional networking opportunities, and guess what…most of them are free!

  1. LinkedIn (Connect. Find. Be Found).
  2. (Get your dream job with a little help from your friends)
  3. (Serach 800 million professional profiles)

I urge you all to get on at least one of these networkings sites today. Heck, stop reading and start doing. Register RIGHT NOW!

2. Use Augmented Reality and Job Search Apps

There are tons of search tools and applications out there on the web that can help you get a job by the click of a button. Seriously, I’m not lying. If you’ve got a smartphone, which about 79% of men and women ages 18-22 do, you’re already halfway there. Transfer a couple minutes of your mobile activity from texting to download some of these free apps: (Don’t worry, none of these will deduct from your weekend beer money…they’re all free).

  1. CareerBliss: CareerBliss empowers you to choose happy with company reviews and ratings, salary info and jobs. With this site and app at your disposal, you get access to 3.5 million job postings, 4 million different salary options, and 700K Company Reviews.
  2. Real-Time Jobs: One stop shop for all things good when it comes to resumes and job postings. Get real feedback on your cover letters and resumes. Get tips on interviewing and networking. Real-Time Jobs offers access to what kinds of jobs are offered in Real-time and where you can expect to be located.
  3. BusyBee: This is an application mostly geared toward employers, but it’s always good to be aware of these tools. BusyBee allows employers to post their logistical and company needs. This could include projects that need completion, employment openings, etc. BusyBee’s search network scours the world wide web for the best fit for whatever task companies dish out.

3. Build Your Online Influence

Soft skills have become increasingly more important as time passes. Communication, organization, and leadership are now at the forefront of expectations for prospective hires. An important factor in all of these soft skills that employers look for is online influence. When comparing two candidates today, an employer will surely check out each individuals online influence to see whose skills are actually more developed. Online influence can encompass how many connections you have online, how much you’re sharing information, and how often people sharing the information you post.

4. Use Multimedia instaed of a Paper Resume

Today, a paper resume is just about as differentiating as a Northface Long Winter coat (ladies you know what I’m talking about). All I’m saying is, it’s difficult for employers to see the differences between cadidates just by looking at a resume. That’s why they hold interviews, right? But what if you don’t even get to the interview stage? What can you blame that on? Your resume. If you can’t differentiate yourself on a paper resume, well pack up your bags and head on home because there won’t be a job waiting for you at the end of the road. That’s where multimedia comes in. Step out of the box. Make an online resume. Create viral video. Direct employers to your website! Check out some neat examples below:

5. Turn Yourself into an Advertisement

Try using Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, blog advertisments and LinkedIn Ads. These will come to life for you at a small price, but they can be worth it. Anything that helps get your name and your brand infront of an employer can be a game changer.





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